Dog Bite Claims

Dog attacks are on the rise throughout the country. The unfortunate consequence of a dog attack can leave adults and children either seriously injured or even killed.

The attorneys and Staff at Law Offices of Jeffrey D. Bohn are knowledgeable in California’s dog bite laws and are particularly skilled in incidents occurring in the Fresno area. Our Fresno dog bite lawyers have years of experience dealing with the nuances of complicated dog bite laws and are often able to recover significant damages from dog attacks.

Each state and city has their own set of dog bite laws. In California every dog that is involved in a bite is the “strict liability” of its owner. California has particularly severe laws concerning dog owners and their liability should their pet attack someone else. Our Fresno dog bite attorneys will handle each aspect of your case, from investigating all of the details of the incident to obtaining financial damages from every party involved.

Fresno dog owners whose dogs attack others are liable for all medical expenses relating to the incident. Our attorneys can also seek damages due to emotional trauma, loss of wages, loss of school, all medical bills and potential therapies needed, and pain and suffering on your behalf. It is important to never sign or agree to settle any amount with anyone before contacting our office to learn about your rights.

Because there are several time limits known as “statutes of limitations” in California dog bite cases, it is important to file your claim as early after the incident as possible. By contacting The Law Offices of Jeffrey D. Bohn you will have an experienced and professional legal team handling every aspect of your case. This allows you, the injured party, to recover from your injuries while we work hard to obtain your legally owed amounts.

Contact The Law Offices of Jeffrey D. Bohn to learn about your rights, recover your legally owed damages and move on with your life.