Motor Vehicle Accidents

Accidents on the streets of California are common and take place daily. There are several sets of laws providing protection from people while they are on the road or walking near busy traffic. From minor car accidents in parking lots to serious car crashes and disasters involving traffic deaths it is always important to seek legal advice if you are involved.

The Attorneys and staff at the Law Office of Jeffrey D. Bohn are authorities in traffic accidents taking place in Fresno, the Central Valley, and Northern California. Our attorneys are able to handle a variety of traffic related lawsuits. We have years of experience successfully handling and settling suits that range in severity. While seeking emergency medical attention and a thorough checkup at a hospital should always be your first concern after a traffic accident, contacting an experienced traffic accident attorney should also be of vital importance.

Our staff can handle every nuance of your particular case, including dealing with your insurance company, communicating with the other party or parties involved, researching and investigating the incident, and speaking with law enforcement. While each lawsuit is different, our attorneys have such strong traffic accident experience that we are confident we can handle any case.

After a traffic accident you should get as much information about any other drivers or pedestrians involved and demand that a police report be filed. You should always insist on seeing any driver’s licenses or identification cards and insurance cards of all parties involved. At the very least make a note of the other driver’s appearance, their vehicle types and their license plate numbers. Your Fresno traffic accident attorneys will handle determining the facts of your case and you should never admit guilt to anyone or sign any paperwork before speaking with us.

Whether you were a driver, passenger, bystander, or pedestrian near or in the traffic accident you may be entitled to significant monetary compensation.