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President Obama has announced that his next legislative goal is to pass comprehensive immigration reform. We anticipate that comprehensive immigration reform will come into law some time in 2013. If President Obama and Congress can’t agree, President Obama may continue to enact changes in immigration law through executive order as he did with the DACA and I-601 waiver programs.

However, existing laws may still provide you with the opportunity to apply for your permanent residence, citizenship and relief from deportation. Contact Jeffrey D. Bohn to schedule a consultation with the most knowledgeable immigration lawyer in Fresno. He has reasonable prices and an impeccable track record. He has helped over 2,000 clients to reach their dreams. Follow this website for updates on all of the latest Fresno immigration attorney law.

Fresno Immigration Attorney

The Law Offices of Jeffrey D. Bohn has one of the best and most experienced immigration lawyers in California. Mr. Bohn has won over 100 complex trials regarding numerous immigration cases. Because Mr. Bohn is fluent in seven language including Hmong, Lao, Thai, Chinese, and German he is able to communicate effectively with his clients. We have 4 Spanish speaking paralegals who provide excellent translation and interpreting and I am learning Spanish as well.

I anticipate that the U.S. Immigration laws will be reformed by President Obama and Congress this year. It is critical to have an attorney who knows the latest in immigration law so that you can benefit from all the legal immigration avenues to obtaining permanent residence and citizenship. If you are looking for the best Fresno Immigration Attorney, call for a consultation with Jeffrey D. Bohn. he and his staff of 15 provide the best, fastest and most cordial of services to their clients. When you want the best Fresno immigration lawyer, ask for Jeffrey D. Bohn.